Membership of the BFCCI offers benefits for your whole team. In becoming a member of the BFCCI, your business agrees that:

• This membership agreement does not have an expiry date written into it. i.e. Continues on for the following year automatically unless a resignation is received.
• Membership subscriptions are payable annually, with the first subscription due upon signing.
• The minimum membership duration is one year.
• Membership can only be resigned in writing, within one month of the annual renewal of membership.
• Resignations received outside of this period will be subject to a pro-rata payment of the annual subscription.
• Membership can only be resigned by the key contact specified in the Membership Agreement, or by a director of the member company.
• We may provide your business details to Alliance Partners and other Chamber members from time to time as part of Chamber-authorized activities.

Membership Fee
150,00 € per year

Payment Method
We will invoice you as soon as you fill up the application form.
If you have any questions or inquiries, please E-mail us or fill Contact us form. We will will contact as soon as possible.